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76072_753842716056_6500345_39472842_8106379_nBorn and raised in Atlanta, GA, I discovered my creative itch early on. I could always be found scribbling on paper, napkins or whatever I could get my hands on (sometimes even the wall). Fast forward to the present and not much has changed. Although instead of walls I usually use a sketch pad and a computer to create good design and branding. Being able to take a client’s vision and turn it into usable art is why I get out of bed every day.

To hone my skills as a designer/artist I attended the University of Mississippi, where I received my B.A. in Art and a minor in Journalism. With the intention of being a graphic designer for a magazine, I found a new outlet for my creativity in communications and advertising. After graduation, I returned to my hometown of Atlanta and began my career in advertising on the media side, but transitioned to the creative side working with several agencies as well as freelancing.

While working as a designer, I have developed a passion for connecting with people and brands through social media. Combining my knowledge of media and journalism with my artistic eye has allowed me to grow my own brand as well as my client’s. When I took over the social reins at Adventure Advertising, our clients had a minimal presence in an industry that still has not fully embraced the social medium. In less than a year I was able to take a social community with less than 3,000 fans and build it into one with over 35,000 with a miniscule budget and limited resources. While working with Adventure’s clients, I also built the agency’s blog and social presence, all while continuing my regular duties as an Art Director.

In addition to my on the job social experience, I have built a brand around myself and my two blogs, The Trot Line and Life Below The Line, where I chronicle my findings of what’s best in the South. Today I have 2,100,166 followers on Pinterest and facilitate great interactions on Facebook and twitter with a ever growing fan-base.

During my career, I have worked in virtually every department of advertising and that experience has given me a unique perspective as a designer and communicator. I am a passionate guy and find inspiration for my work in my other passions in life. I love my wife, porches, traveling and that nostalgic feeling you get while at a baseball game. I consider myself a “wanna be foodie” and a grilling master. Tailgating is my favorite pastime and will make up any excuse to do it.

To get to know me better or if you would like to work together, drop me a line or find me on any of my social media accounts.

Email: cspencerlewis@gmail.com

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The Trot Line is an online Southern Lifestyle publication loosely based in Atlanta, GA and is focused on promoting local living, small business, artisans, and events. Along with our publication, we also provide creative solutions for small business which includes advertising, graphic design, branding, and more. Drop us a line and “Get Hooked on the South.”